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Hersteller Novocrine
Substanz: methenolone acetate
Quantität: 50 Tabletten
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Primosim ((methenolone acetate - oral primobolan) doesn't aromatize (conversion to estrogen) and alot of the side effects commonly associated with estrogen will not be of concern. Water retention, acne, and gyno will be non-existent more or less. That combined with the slow and steady gains provided by Primo may help to explain why it has earned a reputation for creating quality muscle gains. This also helps to explain why it is expensive.

Primosim (oral primobolan) its one of the few compounds available which is both oral as well as non-17-alpha-alkylation. Oral Primo isn't liver toxic at all but an excelent immune enhancer. Many competitive bodybuilders consider Primosim (oral primobolan) indespensible to their pre-contest routine, and wouldnt consider dieting without it.

Even though the acetate ester has a 2-3 day active life, your liver will do some damage to oral primo, so every day dosing will still be necessary. You'll need to take a lot of this stuff for it to be effective... 50-100mgs/day of the oral version is a safe estimate for reasonable gains& for women, you could get away with less; perhaps 25mgs/day.

Effective dose(men): 50-100mgs/day

Effective dose(women): 12.5-25mgs/day

Recommended cycle: 8 to 12 weeks

Präsentationsform Tabletten
Quantität 50 Stk.
Stoffkonzentration 25mg/tab
Empfohlene Dosierung 50-100mg/Tag
Empfohlene Verwendung Schneiden Effekt & Stärke, Qualität und schlanke Muskeln Gewinn
mopits auf 10.08.2014 mopits purchased this product from our shop
2 Beurteilungen

Excellent stuff, no side effects.
AKfortyseven auf 03.11.2013 AKfortyseven purchased this product from our shop
2 Beurteilungen

I have been using Oral Primo for about four weeks now and is nothing short of amazing!! Not only has my strength increased I can see how the primo is working and my vascularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. I am quite happy with the results and would recommend it if anyone were to ask.

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