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Bedingungen und Konditionen

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. BestSteroids.net reserves the rights to only process and ship orders if the following terms and conditions are accepted. The customer agrees to adhere to all these company regulations when placing an order with us. We maintain this website as a service to our customers, and by using our site you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms and conditions carefully, and check them periodically for changes. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you should not review information or obtain goods, services or products from this site.

By entering our website you agree that you are not a Law Enforcement officer nor you are affiliated with a law enforcement officer or agency. You are not accessing this site to gain information to use against the website's operators, its affiliates or any other person or entity in any conceivable manner. You agree that you will hold the operators of this website, or anyone associated with this website harmless for any information you find herein. You know and understand the laws in your country and state with regards in purchasing prescription medication and agree to hold the owners and operators of this website harmless for your actions.


Health related information

The science and use of anabolic steroid and related compounds for performance enhancing is based on over 40 years of experience. The use of steroids in this regard is not covered by the medical fraternity. It is an unofficial science in this regard, passed on by generations of bodybuilders and steroid users. It is also the longest running clinical trial, even if it is unofficial.
We do not condone the use of anabolic steroids and/or related compounds but we do believe in providing the best possible information about its use. We are not responsible for any side effects and health issues that may arise from people using steroids and/or related compounds based on our advice. You can reduce the risk with good information. We try and provide that based on the information you provide to us. Claims made regarding any benefits are based on the subjective results of users reported in non controlled conditions. Individual results may vary. You should always consult a licensed physician/medical advisor before using any product.

All information contained on this web site, including information concerning any medical or health conditions, products and/or treatments is provided just for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. The information about drugs, contained on this web site, is general in nature. It does not cover all possible uses, actions, precautions, side effects, or interactions of the mentioned medicines/pharmaceutical products, and is not intended as medical advice for individual problems or for making an evaluation concerning the risks and benefits of taking a particular medicine/pharmaceutical product. Legalities regarding anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province or country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.

We strongly advice you not to use the information published herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. You should read carefully all product packaging. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.

The descriptions and opinions offered in this site are not medical suggestions or advice but are commonly based on speculative and subjective values. Every athlete who contemplates taking these drugs should always first consult a licensed physician as their improper and unsupervised use can cause damaging and permanent side effects. We strenuously disapprove of the administration of pharmaceuticals to minors to better athletic performance. Please DO NOT BUY from us if you are not at least 18 years of age.



In the event wrong products are received, the correct products will be reshipped free of charge, provided the wrong products are returned unopened and in resaleable condition.

If the delivered goods are not what you have ordered, prior to the point of delivery, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, and provided that you have notified us accordingly within 14 days of delivery, our obligation will be to make good any shortage that are caused by our mistake.

In the event products arrive damaged due to postal service improper care during shipping then we will consider giving a discount on a future purchase as long as proof of damage is sent to us.

If incorrect shipping information is provided by the purchaser, the order might be misdelivered. BestSteroids.net doesn’t take any responsibility for losses of orders caused by such mistakes.

BestSteroids.net takes no responsibility for dispatchment delays caused by delivery problems of manufacturer/supplier, or any other delays caused by a third party. Nor does BestSteroids.net take responsibility for shipment delays caused by holidays or lost orders, wrong deliveries or product damage caused by the Postal Service.

If incorrect shipping information is provided by the purchaser, the order might be miss-delivered and/or returned to sender. BestSteroids.net takes no responsibility for order losses caused by this miss-delivery or for losses occurring. The main reason that shipments are unreturnable is due to discreet shipping.

If the delivered goods are not what you have ordered, or are damaged or defective prior to the point of delivery, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, and provided that you have notified us accordingly within 14 days of delivery, our only obligation, at your option, will be:
- to make good any shortage or non-delivery; or
- to replace or repair any goods that are damaged or defective.

Prices are subjected to change according to the International currency rates and changes in cost prices without any further notice.

Availability of the products is subjected to change without any further notice.

You become the owner of the products you have purchased when they have been delivered to your specified delivery address. Once the parcel has been delivered we no longer take responsibility for any damage or loss of the goods. The ordered products are not returnable or refundable.

It is customer’s liability to determine whether online purchases of drugs in your area are forbidden under local laws. The customer (you) assumes full responsibility for the purchase being made in accordance to local FDA regulations and agrees BestSteroids.net is not responsible for any violations of the regulations.

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for customs fees and duties. Customers are strongly advised to consult the local customs laws for duties, restrictions and regulations.


Delivery time-frame

Ordered products are shipped within 1-5 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the moment when the payment is received to the address provided by you at the time you placed your order if no else express instructed prior to shipping.

The average delivery timeframe to United States is 7-21 days; to Europe the orders are normally delivered between 5-14 days. It has to be mentioned that delays in delivery from time to time are outside of our control. Any dates that we provide you for the delivery are estimated only and we will not be responsible for delivery delays caused by holidays, any charges, damages, costs, losses by the mail service in charge of the delivery (Postal Service), or expenses caused by any delay in delivering the products to you, unless caused by our negligence.

In the unlikely event that your order is not delivered within 30 working days from the moment when you made your payment, please contact us specifying your order number for further investigation in the matter. If you are not able to provide us with the order number, please indicate your name/alias used when you placed your order, the delivery address and the approximate date you have paid for your order. We will attempt to track the order. We shall not be held liable for any item or shipment that is lost or otherwise not delivered by the postal services fault.

All packages are shipped in an extremely discreet way. Our website name or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents of the package are never used. If the order is too large to fit one package, it will automatically be divided into two or more packages (always included in the S&H charges) and the packages are shipped between 1 to 5 days apart. As long as these packages are shipped on different days, there may happen that their arrival could be a few days later.

The order may not be delivered to the destination if it has been seized at customs or lost in the mail. If happens that the order has been seized, please scan the seizure letter and write us to be able to investigate the case and reship the order. After the confirmation, the order is going to be shipped again. Reshipment is free of charge. Please be aware that we are not reshipping to following locations: CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, NEW ZEALAND. Reshipment cannot be applied more than once for an order.

For discretion purposes we might not ship with any tracking, so there is no signature required upon receipt of the package. BestSteroids.net will repackage certain products for silent shipping, this is to ensure you receive your order. We usually ship in soft toys, video cassettes, dolls. We wrap items in carbon photo paper.


Orders & Payments

Processed orders are not refundable (after payment is received).

Within 24 hours after you submit your order you will receive an electronic invoice, which will include; your order number, details of your order and further instructions. Please do not immediately delete this.

Orders would be cancelled if their payments have not been made in 7 days from the time of ordering and customer need to place his order again.

We accept Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers. Both are extremely secure, untraceable, and untrackable. If you will be making multiple overseas purchases, we strongly recommend this methods. We please customers to specify that the money transfer is made to a friend or as a donation, as long as MG and WU are not intended to be used for commercial reasons. Customers may also use their credit/debit cards as well as their bank account to pay via WU/MG online but not directly to us (too risky and unreasonable for both sides).

Our Western Union/Money Gram money receiver’s details aren't real and will change from time to time.



All information displayed and available on the BestSteroids.net web site will be treated according to the European legislation. The personal information of BestSteroids.net customers will not be disclosed even upon an official request of the authorities of foreign countries. We will protect your personal information and anonymity by all means. We never give, sell or share customer information in any way to anyone.

We will protect your personal information and anonymity by all means.
- Customer E-mails are always deleted after read and responded to.
- All your personal information including orders info is stored only on removable devices.
- All your information is confidential and secure with us.


Order Cancellation

An order may be cancelled within first 12 hours after the payment has been submitted. If you intend to cancel an order, please write us a ticket telling us the order number, your name and shipping address. If you forgot to send us the request with the order cancellation, the products will be processed and the payment will be collected properly.

Order cancellation after the payment has been processed and the package has been shipped is not accepted.



We make no representations or warranties, neither expressed nor implied, of any kind with respect to products sold. We source our products from licensed suppliers and believe them to be genuine.

Although information at BestSteroids.net is provided in various languages English is the only official language. In case of any discrepancies between an English original and a translation the English original is always considered as correct. BestSteroids.net takes no responsibility for any errors in translation and any consequential damages that could result from such translation. Translations are provided for informative purposes only!

Harassment in any manner or form on the site, including via e-mail, chat, or by use of obscene or abusive language, is strictly forbidden. Impersonation of others, including a BestSteroids.net or other licensed employee, host, or representative, as well as other members or visitors on the site is prohibited.

Placing an order with BestSteroids.net confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions and you agree to hold the owners, writers, sponsors, advertisers, and employees of BestSteroids.net FREE from any civil or criminal liability. Do not confirm your order if you do not accept our terms and conditions.