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Decasim 250
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Testosim E250
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Trenasim A100
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Boldesim 200
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Payment informations

Payment can be made in EUR (€), GBP (£) or US Dollars ($). Before ordering any products just change currency to your local or preferred currency.

We accept only MoneyGram and Western Union transfers for making purchases from MoneyGram has website you can visit at, for specific information or call 1-800-MONEYGRAM for a MoneyGram office near you. Western Union has website you can visit at, for specific information or call 1-800-325-6000 for a Western Union office near you. Both payment methods present these advantages: simple, high privacy and confidential (no one beside you and us knows about your purchase).

We do not accept Credit Cards. No serious source or purchaser use his credit card or bank account for to obtain or to sell anabolic steroids. No real steroid stores are accepted by any credit card companies as customers. And credit/debit card payments are not anonymous, are too risky and unreasonable for both sides.

All necessary transfer information is NOT included with your invoice/order confirmation, but it is normally sent to you within 24 hours after placing your initial order (check your junkmail/spam folder as sometimes our reply emails go there).

Please, follow the payment instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary delay. In case you haven't received the email with payment instructions in 24 hours after placing your order, please contact us (simply reply to the invoice confirmation email) and we will send you the instructions by email again! Please check your order confirmation email carefully.

You must pay and complete your order within 7 days otherwise it will be deleted automatically. This is because you when you start the ordering process, you reserve products, and they are held for a week, or until they are shipped or the order cancelled. Going to a MoneyGram/Western Union office/outlet/agent in person and send cash (check their website to find the nearest MoneyGram/Western Union location near you) and give them whatever name you are using. For sending over $1000 (or 750€/600£) usually is required proof of ID. If you cannot or don't want to provide proof of ID for a name you are using, then orders over $1000 will need to be split up into different trips to MoneyGram/Western Union. Finally, be sure that you send money to the EXACT NAME (First and Last Name - check for typo errors) and CITY as provided by Although you can also use Western Union or MoneyGram online, it is much more discrete if you go in person and place your order that way; generally it is also a bit cheaper.

If MoneyGram/Western Union agent asks you about purpose of sending money do not say you are ordering medications or such like as they will not allow payment via card for this reason, it is better to say gift to friend/relative (family member) or helping friend/relative in need (lost wallet abroad etc). They don't need or have any right to know what you may need to send money overseas for. For safety please do not include any notes on the transaction such as our web site name or any product names.

*** After filling in the form you receive a money transfer control number (MTCN) from the Western Union Agent. Your order will not be shipped until we receive MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number). After you wired specified amount please send us the MTCN payment number.

We can clear Western Union payment within 2-3 business days after we receive transaction data from you. If payment is rejected (data not correct) the whole process starts all over again so be careful in order to avoid delays! Once payment is received, we process and dispatch your order within 1 business days.

IMPORTANT: Please note that our Western Union information changes frequently - if you wait more than one week before submitting payment information please place a new order to get new payment information or contact us and new payment info will be sent to you.

Rules to remember:
1. Do not ever put any description or transaction title concerning our website (especially products or your username)
2. Keep  Western Union/MoneyGram funds transfers up to $990 (or 750€/600£) for safety purposes! (you don't to use your real ID, aso.)
3. You will be provided with all payment details in up to 24h after your order confirmation.
4. IF you are using an alias instead your real name/ID when paying thru Western Union/Moneygram transfers triple check the receiver name/city for errors or otherwise you wont be able to withdraw the funds or modify the receiver (in case of errors). Otherwise is safer to use your real ID information to prevent such situations.
5. We need you to provide us with exact sender name, city and state/country and mtcn/transfer control number information to process and receive the payment for your order.
6. Try to make the payment within 7 days since your order confirmation otherwise the products may not be available or your payment receiver info is changed.
7. Always doublecheck if WU/MG clerk/agent put all transfer informations correctly - it avoids errors and delays.