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Informations de livraison

The minimum order is 150USD(approx 110EUR or 90GBP) + shipping costs. This is so we are able to provide both first-rate service as well as unsurpassed packaging.

When you check out your order, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method. Your shipping charges will be automatically calculated during checkout prior to the completion of your order.

For USA/Canada/Australia customers:

Your order will be delivered by first-class, priority airmail which is the safest way for this kind of shipments. You can use an alias (false) name for receiver as package needs no signature and should be left if no one in and also is the least suspicious way of us sending as Customs take less interest in anything sent unregistered.

For UE customers:

Your order will be delivered airmail registered. Customs are not an issue.

IMPORTANT: When you ship to PO-Box or PMB Box shipping name must match the name you rented mailbox otherwise they may not leave the package in your mailbox even is same number. However ask them to be sure before using an alias.


Estimated delivery time is 5-18 working days, defence of destination.(i.e. Europe: 5-10 business days, USA/Canada: 9-18 business days). Shipping time will depend on various factors such postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit and so on, which is why we can only give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, then exportation, as well as shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and finally the local and national postal service in the destination country. Each successive step has an impact on the delivery time. Even if the majority of these steps are successfully executed in a timely manner, inefficiency or temporary inactivity during any single step is enough to extend delivery time over the usual and allotted time frame. Holidays are another factor that can cause delays. We can therefore take no responsibility for delays caused by factors that are not under our control. Also, you must keep in mind that if you are ordering an international shipment, countries that it may pass through can recognize federal holidays that yours may not. Orders are shipped usually in within 48 hours but no more than maximum 3-4 days after money are received. We do not ship on weekends or holidays.
*** HGH products will only take 4-8 business days (no matter which destination) to arrive since are shipped only express with tracking number.


Products are removed from their original boxes and repacked with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. We conceal the products in soft toys, dolls or we enclosed them in carved styrofoam sheets (important measure for packing ampoules). We wrap items in carbon photo paper. The content is then put in a bubble-padded envelopes or flat cardboard boxes.

In order to keep the packages unsuspicious, the orders are shipped in small packages. If the order is too large to fit one package, we guarantee the order will be divided into the necessary amount of packages to lower the risk and sent them on separate days. No matter how large your order is, we reassure you the same discretion level and repackaging as used for small size orders. Our customers are the people who keep us in business, and we know that every order is important and it is equally important to us to maintain our high standards of commerce to everyone who chooses to use our service.
We always prepare your packages to be rough transport proof & silent, ensuring secure and smooth arrival.
Packaging types are changed constantly to achieve max delivery success! We have up to date inside knowledge as to how and what customs are looking for in packages from abroad and use this information so that you, the customer, get what you order everytime.

There is no indication for "steroids", "drugs" or "pharmacy" on the package, no invoice inside and no sign of our website name/web-address. It will look like a innocent personal gift from a friend or relative.

Packages are sent from various shipping points, mostly from Europe and rarely from China and Thailand (subject of stock availability). Shipments inside EU have 100% delivery success rate.



You must be aware that from time to time an order can be seized by Customs. Even our seizure ratio is below 2%, there is still a small number of packages not delivered.
In the unfortunate event that your package is snagged by Customs, you will receive a custom seizure letter (in some areas inviting you to claim the package). This usually takes 2-4 weeks to issue such a letter. Once you received one, please scan and email to us. Do not reply to the letter nor claim the package. Instead, scan and email a copy to us and we will re-ship to another new uncompromised address free of charge. We will resend your order as soon as we get a good quality scan of named letter.

We reserve the right to process and ship orders only after payment has been transferred and valid/clean shipping address provided.