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Brand: Novocrine
Substance: 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Quantity: 100 tablets
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Tags: turinasim


The easiest way to understand this drug is by knowing that although it is a derivative of Dianabol it is quite different. It has a much lower level of androgenic activity compared to dianabol yet a better balance/ratio of anabolic and androgenic effects: this drug cannot be aromatized (doesn't convert to estrogen). You won't get any typical estrogenic side effects like water retention, acne, gyno, etc, at any dose of this drug.

It promotes more of a "hard" look, of what competition bodybuilders often call "quality" muscle. You do not get the same "puffy" look as you would on d-bol and many people have thus compared the results they've gotten from Turinasim to Anavar.

Turinasim produce a favorable increase in lean body mass and thus a favorable increase in strength/speed and an athletes strength: bodyweight ratio.

Turinasim is a viable tool in a lean mass cycle, cutting cycle, or any athletes drug intake routine.

Effective Dose (Men): 20-40mgs/day

Effective Dose (Women): 5-15mgs/day

Recommended cycle: 8 to 12 weeks

Presentation form tablets
Quantity 100 pcs
Concentration 10mg/tab
Recommended dosage 20-40mg/day
Recommended usage strenght & hard-look effect, quality muscle gain
Wingdings on 09/07/2014 Wingdings purchased this product from our shop
3 reviews

I have been using this T-bol for a little over a month now. I recommend running at least 40mg every day. Anything less than that and I couldn't really feel it. I wish I bought 2 tubes instead of 1. It helps give me the energy to work out when I don't feel like it. When I do, I find I have extra pumps to perform more reps than I thought I could during the workout. Great stuff!
fatal_sanity on 18/02/2014 fatal_sanity purchased this product from our shop
3 reviews

This stuff is excellent. There was an immediate increase in strength, and all of my lifts when up by 10 lbs. I ran it at 50mg a day and had serious muscle harness and loads of strength. I was surprised how much stronger I felt on this stuff. I also felt better; as in it seemed to improve my mood.
Ragin247 on 01/11/2013 Ragin247 purchased this product from our shop
3 reviews

One hell of a product. Crazy pumps. Good gains and feeling stronger and hornier now. Vascularity was way up, especially in the chest and biceps. Side-effects were minor.

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